USA Today has a summary that explains the basis of the Supreme Court case (King vs. Burwell) that Obamacare cannot pay medical insurance subsidies to citizens. Obamacare is permitted to pay only to people in the state exchanges. (Here).

The Federal Government wants to pay $4,700 a year. The total cost of Health Insurance is $6,267 per year. If an individual cannot pay or refuses to pay the $6,267 they are forced to pay an additional tax of $1,500 to the IRS unless they are too poor to pay.

About 75% of all Americans must pay to insure the 25% who can’t pay. That’s why the cost of Health Insurance has been rising and it’s going to increase even more. Not happy you must pay more? Call the White House and Complain but there’s nothing you can do abut it unless it’s repealed.

If you voted for Obama you did this.

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