America is desperate to get more unskilled illiterates and Obama is trying to get around the Constitution to help. (That’s a joke.)

He’s a typical small-minded frustrated little man who mocks enemies to increase their suffering. He purposely picked a below average high school and put on a carnival show stunt. He’s a carnival barker, not a gifted orator. A Low-class failure who descended into politics.
For the third time he went to the below average high school to use the under-achieving kids there for his political act. Why?

It’s in Loser Harry Reid’s Senate District. It’s the third time he’s used these kids as a political backdrop. Del Sol’s students fail and drop out at a much higher rate than students in average American high schools. Why use such kids for his purposeful political ends?

Is Del Sol -(Spanish for “The Sun”) High School a typical or average high school? No. It lags behind both the standards of Nevada and of it’s school district in which it is part. The dropout rate is higher but Obama wanted to stick it to Harry Reid so he upstaged him by going to Del Sol. It’s revenge politics and it’s pretty small-minded.

How many high schools are in America? There are 26,407 Government run high schools and 10,693 non-government high schools. Total 27,000 so there are plenty of other, better, higher performing high schools to which a president who wanted to reward competence could have picked. He’s pandering for votes. He should be rewarding proper students, not rewarding innocent students who clearly under-perform the rather low standards of government schools. Such a small-minded man.

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