Obama never takes responsibility for anything he does. He blames the problems he caused on someone else. That’s the short version of the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama is a long-talker who is always denying what he did. He says he’s mad about what happened even though he caused it. Take Jonathan Gruber. Obama denied knowing him.

Obama said over and over: “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” False.
“If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” False
“Everyone’s cost will go down”. False. Those are the remarks of a pathological liar, someone who’s out of touch with reality and unable to return.

“Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Countercharge.” That’s the Clinton Playbook. Obama uses it. He denies everything he does but he never says it that way. “I’m going to look into it”.

“He’s making a fool of himself, said Rush but he don’t care, folks. He doesn’t care because public opinion has never mattered to him, because he’s been governing against the will of the American people for four of the six years of his Regime, the last four. So public opinion doesn’t matter. All of this is just blatant”,

“He’s always speaking out against what’s happening in Washington, even the stuff he’s causing, and he’s always complaining with everybody else how it needs to be fixed and he’s blaming faceless, powerful forces for undermining him, he’s working hard, the stimulus and so forth. And it worked. It was a psychological ploy as well as visual because even though he’s a powerful president with his fingerprints on everything, he’s seen as not having anything to do with anything.”

Obama is psychotic. He’s a sociopath. He’s in clinical denial. He’s a chronic and compulsive manipulative liar. He’s a madman who should be sent to the psychiatric ward at Belleview Hospital in Manhattan for analysis and treatment.

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