The Northampton Republican Committee and especially it’s leaders, helped Bucks County Republican’s lose the governor’s race for Tom Corbett who was beaten by Wolf 51% to 49%. The Republican Committee people just didn’t work hard enough for Corbett and Cawley. Very few Corbett signs were erected around Bucks County and in Northampton Township the local Republican Committee expected Wolf to win so the local Republican Committee just didn’t bother to put up many Corbett signs. So few Corbett signs were put up it almost seemed there was no election. No wonder Wolf won.

About three weeks before the election a Judge of Elections disqualified himself by moving out of his district. I was appointed in his place. Well,…. The Northampton Republican Committee, led by the Democrat wife of the ex-chairman had a tantrum and distracted themselves by working in secret (behind the scenes) for weeks to get a Common Pleas Judge to hold an extra-ordinary hearing and making a big deal over a Judge of Election appointment so they didn’t do much for Corbett and Cawley. It showed in the Election results.

The Upper Makefield Republican Committee worked much harder for Corbett than the enraged Northampton Committee so Corbett received almost 62% of the votes cast in Upper Make. Wrightstown and even little Trumbauersville Republicans gave more of their votes to Corbett; 57.7% and 54.2% than Northampton Township. Shame on the Northampton Republican Committee for wasting so much time, effort and money worrying about getting one of their insiders appointed to be a Judge of Elections at little District #9 that they didn’t do much to help Corbett and Cawley.

It showed in the race for Congress too. By the Northampton Township Republican leaders laying down on the job so much, Congressman Fitzpatrick didn’t do as well as he should have in Northampton. Upper Makefield, Wrightstown and even Ivyland voted more for Fitzpatrick than Northampton.

The Northampton Republican Committee has been driven by some RINO’s and fake Republican’s for so long that it’s almost comical waiting to see what they’ll do next. Their website has become almost kindergarten-ish in it’s pique, focusing as it does on some small number of write-in votes instead of going to work on the real political issues that are important in Northampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and America. As they say: Stupid is as stupid does. The Republican Committee leaders sure do stupid well in Northampton.

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