It’s a popular idea that every baby born in America is an American citizen but it’s no more true than the baby of an American woman who gives birth in a foreign country is thereby a citizen of that country. If you were born in America and your mother or father was a foreign national so are you unless and until you take steps to become an American citizen.

See Steve Sailer’s “Birthright Citizenship” And The Cheating Of America.

If America had 12 million troops in Iraq it correctly would be called an invading army. America has maybe 20 million illegals in the country so parts of America were invaded and are now occupied.

The GOP may decide to take advantage of its election victory and pass a law closing the anchor baby loophole before any Amnesty is considered. This has been proposed as The Anchor Baby Loophole Act of 2015.

This would smooth over any damage by Obama’s Amnesty. It would remove the massive magnet of fantastic welfare benefits to foreign citizens who are parents of a baby born here.

The U.S. could end up with a semi-permanent non-citizen population, which might be advantageous or unfortunate, but Switzerland for example, lives with that.

The GOP leadership needs to study the non-legitimate anchor baby issue and decide to stop a lot of the illegal immigrants who get to stay just because they decided to birth a baby in America.

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