Right behind the discovery of a practical solar powered diesel locomotive, the sun-powered automobile and the wind powered helicopter which had a wind powered generator under it and the Solar Powered Aircraft, is the Solar Powered Rocket.

All of the practical problems of a solar powered rocket are solved except one. It doesn’t move.

The same problem persisted with the Solar Powered Diesel Locomotive. It wasn’t big enough to carry all of the solar panels and it one other problem, it couldn’t get through tunnels. It stopped just inside every one.

Some people thought the solar powered locomotive would make it thru a tunnel if the solar energy could be stored in batteries but that made the locomotive heavier and longer so the trains stopped while most of the train was still outside the tunnel. That annoyed the passengers who got off and walked since it was faster than using the solar powered locomotive. Another problem for the solar power people was the lack of sun during the night. That was really annoying to the people in Lapland.

A wind powered diesel locomotive didn’t work out either. It was 700 feet high which was found to be too high to get into the tunnels. It hit all of the bridges too. Just didn’t work out.

So the solar powered rocket project is still in the experimental stage except for the first year scientists who know it’s impossible to invent a sun powered rocket. They agree oil makes the best locomotives work and sun power doesn’t work in the dark.

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