It’s history except for the next few nasty days while the racial truth deniers violate laws and make things worse for their cause.

It’s over. The fight for civil rights for African Americans in America is over. America has more successful African-Americans than all of Africa. Americans elected a black man to be their President.

The fight for Civil Rights in Africa is another story. In Africa there are many battles for freedom but so far, no victories. Islam is killing people to wipe out Christianity in Africa. Dictators, Tyrants and Despots rule and run Africa. Freedom; long discovered in America has appeared; been conquered; and disappeared just about everywhere in Africa.

Africa, not Ferguson, is where the people need Civil Rights. Africa is where innocents need help from the slaughterers. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Obama, and Eric Holder need to go East to Africa to bring their messages to the masses of Africa. Instead they play it safe and stay in America because even Rev. Al values his own life.

So America must endure another bunch of get-it-wrongers who will stay their wrong-headed course into the sordid history of the afterbirth of the America Civil Rights battles for African Americans while the real Africans can only dream of Liberty while they wait for their early death.

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