An armed conflict horrifies us but an Economic War can be more devastating than bombs and rockets because it’s never waged in the open. An economic war is prolonged torture and it’s ravages are worse than explosions. That’s the legacy of President Obama. His “War On America” consists of spending more money. Government spending must be paid by taxes. Obama has been increasing the spending but not paying for it. He’s been increasing the amount of money owed by the taxpayers to government.

Redistribution is bribing some people to vote for you and using someone else’s money to pay the bribe. Redistribution is worse than bombing because bombing stops. Redistribution never stops. How much damage have Obama’s redistributions done to our personal finances?

His “Stimulus”, a five year old program of “Fairy Dust” spent billions the government didn’t have. How much lower are our the savings accounts because of Obama’s Redistributionist Stimulus? How many homes, cars and appliances have we not been able to buy? How many vacations could we not afford? How many colleges could we not afford for our children so they had to settle for State Colleges or no college at all because Obama took some of our money and gave it to his politically favored classes. How much lower is our standard of living because of Obama? If a building is bombed it can be rebuilt but there’s no way to rebuild a lost college education for a child who deserved it. How much does that cost in human terms to people who have their money taken from them and given away to bureaucrats and to those who didn’t earn it?

Multiply the trillions of dollars taken by Obama by the number of lives made worse by their lack of the stolen money. The man is a menace to freedom.

Obama has ignored and is continuing to ignore, in a lawless and unconstitutional way, the will of the American people-including a substantial number of our minority populations. Obama and his Left-Wing, supporters of the tyrant; his media enablers are fully behind his lawless amnesty actions. And this time, with his leaked executive “action” granting blanket amnesty coming within days after the “wave” election against his policies and against him for his dictatorial mindset, there is no glossing over Obama’s unbridled contempt not only for the Constitution but for the views of Americans who expect that he obey and uphold the law. A menace to the Free World.

The secret schemes of the man and his administration was recently uncovered by the videos showing how Professor Gruber actually planned and carried out his plans to deceive and defraud the American taxpayers who he called “stupid”. Even worse was his brazen bragging and the easy acceptance of his lying ways by the Obama administration. These types of people should be fired and fined for their massive deceptions. That includes especially President Obama who has disgraced himself. He should resign.
It would have been better if he had only dropped a few bombs because that damage could be paid for one time. Obamacare is forever. Obamacare: a crime that will live in Infamy.

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