It’s a fact of American Law that Religion is prohibited in Government and for many good reasons. One reason however stands above all of the rest. Government is Force. Religion is a very powerful force in the lives of most people. Government force is controlled in America by a slim power, the power of the Law. the force of law is no match for the force of Religion. People die for their religion. Few people are willing to die for a law.

Most people will not die for their country either. That’s good on one hand because a country is of no use to a dead man so most people desist dying to be free. Dying for one’s country seems like the ultimate pyric victory. You win but you’re dead. What’s the point?

Religion is more powerful than any government. In addition , no constitution can control religion. Religion is the overwhelming force in a culture but it’s uncontrollable. At least so far, no one has been able to control a religion determined to kill people. It can’t be done.

So religion is in competition with government. That’s a rule of nature. Religion is not as powerful as a hurricane or an earthquake but those forces are not controllable either.

There’s no argument that religion cannot control nature. There’s no argument that religion can control a nation; a culture; a government which is why it was forbidden to be a part of the American government. One government is enough and having two rulers; government and religion is one two many.

So far as keeping religion out of classrooms, the idea of separation of church and state is sufficient to prohibit religion in government schools. It’s either / or. Either no religion in government schools or no government in religious schools. For those religious people who want both, sorry, but not in America. If you want to pray in government schools, you can’t because religion is not allowed in government schools because the schools are run by the government. If you want religion in schools, remove the schools from government.

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