In the name of Justice, Obama’s behavior must have consequences. So Republicans, must make Obama’s life miserable for the next twenty six month’s. He deserves nothing more than to leave office in a veil of anger and frustration. Obama deserves it personally for the harm he personally has inflicted on the entire country for the past six years. It’s personal, that is it’s Barack Hussein Obama who is responsible for the worst six years in American History. His wrong ideas deserve to be buried.

Who and what is Obama? He will neither bend, compromise or apologize. He’s a narcissist, a tyrant and a dictator. This lying lout of a stubborn man has been bullying people for the past six years. His term in office is almost over.

His wrong response in support of Michael Brown and the Black experience revealed by Attorney General Eric Holder reflects back onto the Democratic Party and their black political biases. Democrats are at war with white hetero males. Where does that land them racially? Democrats became enamored with the race issue since President Obama was elected. As the titular head of the Democratic Party Obama played not only the race card but as much of the deck as he could.
The Democratic party is not friendly to Asians, Whites or Hispanics. Where does that put them? Need we ask? The Democrats are at war with the extinct KKK which is code for whites. They are against diversity or they would not have attacked non-blacks so much. the Democrats are not the universal party. Not when they openly support Travonn Martin and Michael Brown.

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