It’s not often a full-throated Marxist exposes herself but in her book: ” The Shock Doctrine” sub-titled The Rise of Disaster Capitalism the authoress misuses hundreds of sources to wrongly condemn Capitalism. She’s against the Free Market and the Rule of Law that are needed before Capitalism can rise in a culture. Only America has done that.

She wrongly condemns Capitalism because, Milton Freidman supported a free market in places like Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Freidman was awarded two Nobel prizes for his outstanding economic work at the University of Chicago.

Shock Doctrine is a fictitious theory that Capitalism must be imposed on a culture by force. Her examples are based on the false need of a culture for government largess, without which people would perish. The authoress has not one bit of economic data to support her extreme misuse of economics to defend her wrong ideas. Not one chart, table, equation or spread sheet in a book supposedly about economics.

An empty book full with nonsense. It’s not even a good doorstop.

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