Of course it’s Obama because Putin hasn’t as much power over the lives of Americans. the American Presidency has enormous powers and Obama has been demonstrating the strength of the steroids in the Constitution. He’s the commander in chief and no one has close to that amount of power, not even Putin who rules in a diminished Soviet.
The House can refuse to fund the military adventures but the President can manipulate military money to send troops and nuclear weapons wherever he wants and get away with it for months at a time. President Obama controls over two million workers in the Executive branch. (Here). but Roosevelt had 3.4 million during the height of WWII. There are almost 200,000 people in Homeland Security’ another 150,000 in Education and on it goes up to two million people who report to the President. He’s far more powerful than any other person on the planet yet he can’t figure out or can’t admit what happened in the November elections. His policies lost. Americans are fed up with this rogue President who’s hurt America and Americans where it really matters, in their pocketbooks, wallets and saving accounts.

President Obama has deepened government intrusion into the lives of 316 million Americans. That’s power. Putin has power over 144 million Russians. Mr. Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier has control of 1.36 billion Chinese. That’s four times as many people but neither Putin or Keqiang controls Americans, at least not directly.

That’s the problem with Obama. He’s been over-intruding in American lives for six years. His Obamacare forced young healthy Americans to buy medical insurance they don’t need. He’s forced men to buy maternity insurance even though they can’t use it at all. He lost control and influence in the Middle East, especially in Iraq where his management has been a disaster.

He’s far more powerful than Putin but Putin took over the Crimea which shows Putin has ability even though it’s malevolent. Obama is malevolent in a different way which is why it’s been bad for Americans that he’s been president.

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