His post election speech showed us how this man, so favored by nature, disdains America. Charles Krauthammer said: “the president’s plan to implement immigration through an executive order “shows contempt for the system” and shows “arrogance and contempt for the voice of the people””

Barack Obama should love America but by his actions he’s shown he actually hates this place. His actions have made America worse in the eyes of us, the citizens, as well as in the eyes of the rest of the world. America has benefitted people like Obama even more than he should have expected, especially after well-intentioned Americans twice elected him to our highest honor and office. Krauthammer continued: “What impresses me is Obama’s arrogance and contempt for the voice of the people. This was a very unequivocal election. It was not nuanced. It was across the board. It was everywhere…we have had a verdict by the people of a kind that is quite unusual in American history and to go ahead and ignore it in spite of that, in spite of a rejection, in spite of a repudiation to say ‘I’m going to ignore the Congress and the will of the people I will do this regardless’ I think, shows contempt for the system.”” It also reveals some moral flaws as well as exceedingly poor judgment. He should resign.

It’s obvious he holds America in contempt. Since he knows his policies were soundly rejected at the polls, he should change them. His personality however has a barrier, a feeling that he’s right and he should continue doing what he’s been doing despite the clear and massive rejection by the voters. His present behavior almost borders on the delusional. At the very least he can win the most disliked President ever award. He may be the first President who actually succeeded in making loads of people who thought so highly of him to come to dislike him. Too bad for us. Too bad for America. Too bad.

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