Hey, Tea Party Types. Seize the opportunity to tell the Republicans how to solve: Illegal Immigration; the Open Borders; Amnesty; Obamacare and a lot of other problems, by chipping away at the welfare state.

Want to create jobs? Lower the minimum wage.
High wages keep employers from hiring people. Make it easier for businesses to provide jobs by lowering the minimum wage. Lets face it. Some jobs are so easy that they’re not worth much. Entry level employees can get into a great company by starting out at the minimum and working hard to get promoted. Everybody wins with lower minimum wages.

Some people lose a job but refuse to get a job far away. Welfare picks up their pay so they don’t have to move to another place to work. Stopping welfare would make them understand that if you live here but the jobs are not here, you have to go somewhere else to get some money. The welfare state encourages laziness and sloth. Cut out some of the benefits and make it more important to work than to loaf.

Welfare destroys morality. Welfare forces workers to pay for non-workers. That’s just the opposite of what it should be. No work; No pay. Simple, right? Elegant because of simplicity.

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