The Pine Run stream is a small stream that runs past the border of Northampton Township. The stream bed was diverted by erosion caused by the poor work done by the Northampton Municipal Authority, aka. The Sewer Board. The Pine Run Stream eroded about 70 feet of the property of a township resident. About 25 feet of his fence was swept away by the diverted water. $30,000 was allocated in the Sewer board budget to repair the damage but some goofy decisions by the Sewer Authority cancelled the repairs.

The home owner had called all of the elected officials he could and none did anything to help. I reviewed the situation and wrote a one page letter that the home owner said was the first sensible summary of what had happened. Another round of calling township and county officials and nothing was done. The Sewer Board had a project in their budget to mitigate the damage. When it became known I was leading a project to get it repaired the budget amount was cancelled. The motion to cancel it was made by Don George, a member of the board.

We put several ads in the local paper and organized some neighbors who were then ridiculed by some of the crazy people running the Northampton Republican Party. They sent spies and tried to shut down the event that called attention to the damage to Pine Run Stream by the Sewer Authority. We got in touch with the State Senator and guess what happened?

Within eighteen months the DEP from Norristown was called in and Voila! Fixed. A beautiful job complete with landscaping as well as a great design for the banks of the stream that will help avoid more erosion even during heavy rain. Thanks to a clear thinking Republican State Senator the damage was repaired.

The Sewer board however still refuses to fix their defective sewers. Some people are not only stupid and stubborn; they are willful and mean.

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