“Now that the Western democracies have learned the hard way what the consequences are when you admit all sorts of people into your country — including people who hate both the principles and the people of your society — will that cause zealots for open borders and amnesty to have some second thoughts, or perhaps first thoughts?”

Thomas Sowell wrote that and the Tea Parties have a similar situation inside their meetings. Politics is all about spying on your enemies to find their plans and become prepared for their attacks. George Washington had spies. Our enemies in the Revolutionary War had spies. The Tea Parties as well as both political parties have spies who work against them or at least feed information to political opponents. One can not trust spies. They are, after all, at least lying to those against whom they are spying. Spies can be doubled back onto their own country.
Suppose the Tea Parties adopt an open meeting policy where they admit anyone who wants to attend. They are being terribly naïve about spies for the other side. Nothing pleases Terrorists than open borders. Nothing pleases spies more than an open meeting policy.

The Northampton Republican Committee refuses to admit people they don’t like into their supposedly open meetings. In their case they are driven more by their wrong conclusions about other Republicans than by a desire to show the voters how bighearted they are. Not so for the Tea Parties that are often desperate to get people to attend their meetings. Might as well hang out a sign that says: “Enemies Welcome. Stop by and behead someone”.

Some people are so naïve that they think heaven has an open door policy so Lucifer should be welcomed. That would quickly turn heaven into hell.

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