In his weekly radio address President Obama gave a lecture but failed to lead the United States in anything. The President discussed the measures we are taking to respond to Ebola cases at home, while containing the epidemic at its source in West Africa. This week, we continued to focus on domestic preparedness, he said, with the creation of new CDC guidelines and the announcement of new travel measures ensuring all travelers from the three affected countries are directed to and screened at one of five airports.

The President emphasized it’s important to follow the facts, rather than fear, as New Yorkers did yesterday when they stuck to their daily routine. Ebola is not an easily transmitted disease he said even though 10,000 people caught it and almost half are dead from it. Obama continued: and America is leading the world in the fight to stamp it out in West Africa.

What did Obama do this week to “focus on domestic preparedness”? What?
Nothing. Obama did nothing to help doctors, nurses or hospitals treat Ebola. What did the New Ebola Czar do? Nothing. The doctors were on their own. So were the nurses. Remember, two of them caught Ebola here in America.

Is anything being done to develop a vaccine? Silence from the leader. When is a vaccine supposed to be ready? Silence. What is being done? NOTHING. The man is a vacant skull. We need a leader and he’s telling people things everybody knows. We would be better if he would resign. He’s acting like he’s not the President.
If he goes fundraising, stay away. It’s the American thing to do. Leave the man alone with his psychosis, his failures and his inabilities. If he plays golf, the American people can talk to Vice President Joe Biden. At least Joe might try to do something. Obama? Obama’s out of it. In his mind and heart he’s gone. He’s resigned. He’s just going through some inconsequential activities for the next two years.

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