Mark your calendars. Call the baby sitters. The Corbett / Cawley governor’s race has been put on hold by the Bucks County Republican Committee and the Northampton Township Republican Committee so they can get their favorite obnoxicant appointed as Judge of Elections. Instead of working to get Corbett re-elected some Republican lawyers got a Bucks County Judge to mount a trial against yours truly. October 29th at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 6. Come and see how well the government can waste time, effort and money to try get the decision to appoint me as Judge of Elections in District #9 reversed. For what purpose? Political Retaliation. Political Revenge. Sandbox Behavior by some adults.

Is this a big deal? No, not to me but yes to the above political committee’s, otherwise they would be working to help Corbett. If Corbett looses it will be partly because these people who are obligated to help didn’t help enough or failed to help at all.

This is politics at it’s slimiest. It’s the rock bottom of a rotten barrel of dirty political tactics but the worst part is their willingness to throw the Republican Governor under the bus because of their lack of effort in support of Corbett and Cawley. Working against Jim Cawley is especially annoying to this loyal Republican because Cawley is from Levittown, not very far from Northampton. Too bad the Bucks Republicans are not loyal enough or that they don’t do the right things. What a bunch of small men. Local losers.

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