It feeds on Capitalism.
It requires false information to attack the free market. Predatory Socialism feeds on earned money. It uses guilt instead of facts to turn taxpayers against themselves to feed the beast of Socialism and it’s little sisters: Communism, Fascism, Progressivism and all of the yowling social bullies who demand your money for their purposes.

No legitimate government taxes people for anything except the very small amount needed to actually operate a proper government. Good government is actually very cheap because people don’t need government to operate Social Programs. Government only has to protect Individual rights. That requires a Legislature to make laws, a President to enforce them, police and military to physically protect the citizens and judges to decide guilt or innocence for criminals and to correct civil wrongs. Everything else is bad government. How hard is this stuff?

For a more complete list see Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. It has more information about values and virtues than entire libraries full with many sets of encyclopedias. In a way, John Galt’s speech covers a proper moral code for people. For example it has a unique discussion of “Honesty” that surpasses anything else ever written.

Predatory Socialism on the other hand is not based on individual freedom but on the superiority of the group over the individual. How many moral systems are based on that? Everyone. No exceptions. No other system places the individual atop the moral rules. Every other system claims, wrongly, that everyone is more important than you. How intolerant of the individual is that? It’s against your life in favor of the lives of everyone else.

Predatory Socialism is a suicide pact of all against each. You’ll have to learn about it on your own because the group won’t teach it to you. the group will kill you if necessary for the good of the group. What good are you if you’re dead? That’s the hidden purpose of the group, the sacrifice of your life for their whims. Anytime you hear “Majority Rules” you better get moving because they’re after you.

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