The purpose of a military is to kill people and destroy things. The use of the military is to invade a country, to occupy a country. Killing people is anti-humanitarian. A military is therefore anti-humanitarian which is the purpose of the military. President Obama failed to follow the Constitutional use of the American Military.

President Kennedy organized The Peace Corps. The purpose of the peace corp is to help people, not kill them like the military. President Obama ordered the Peac Corps to evacuate from Liberia in July. Two Americans were infected: Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. They were put in intensive care in Monrovia at the isolation center there. (HERE).

President Obama evacuated the two infected Americans from Monrovia to Emory University Hospital where they were treated with an experimental drug, Zmapp. They were cured.

Is there any reason to panic about Ebola? Probably not but,. The but is the credibility of the information in the news. The media is used for propaganda by all governments so the information is always biased and therefore not always trustworthy. In other words, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to finding out what’s going on. the Drudge Report became immensely popular because of it’s questioning nature. The Internet and Social Media are great tools for freedom which is why government’s oppose them so much. . ….developing

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