Israel has been bombed by rockets fired from Gaza and Kerry says Israel’s response is the cause of the problem. He’s wrong to think that. The Middle East want’s Israel to go out of existence. Until they change their minds about that the Terror Against The West will continue.
Kerry is blaming Israel for starting the fight. Israel never tried to expand the borders. Israel foolishly gave away Gaza. Gaza began to attack Israel. Israel never started the fight, it just responded to being attacked. Some of Israel’s responses began before the planned attacks began but the threatened attacks were the provocation for the response. Being the first to attack in the face of an imminent attack is not starting the fight. The fight was begun by the preparation for the attack. Israel didn’t do that. Kerry should know better but he’s working for the most obviously anti-Semitic American administration in American history. The key to peace in the Middle East is not in the possession of Israel. When the Muslims decide to stop attacking Israel, peace will come to the Middle East.

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