There’s a difference between ISIS, the new rulers in Iraq and the people of Iraq who are governed by ISIS. Now that ISIS has beaten President Obama on the battlefield, (Obama’s Bombing Campaign never really got started), ISIS has to figure out how to rule the Iraq people. Obama pulled out the American Military without giving any thought to who would replace the government of Iraq. If he thought the Iraq government was stable he was wrong. Since he pulled out the military knowing the government wasn’t stable, he’s responsible for creating the leadership vacuum that spawned ISIS.
Every statesman knows every government is a problem for every other government. That’s the nature of governments.

What do the Iraq people desire from a government? Will ISIS be acceptable to them? Probably not but the question is what do the Iraqi’s want? Obama is not going to supply people to govern Iraq. And when ISIS finally gets full police control of all of Iraq, what will they do? Saddam is gone and what replaced him? Nothing better. Actually something worse in many ways. According to most analysis the people of Iraq are worse now then when they were when Saddam was in power. Saddam was an evil guy but just like Mussolini and Hitler, the people were better off before the war than they were after it.

During World War II, the German people were slaughtered. They were far worse off than they would have been had Hitler not taken them into war. Was the war worth their suffering and death? Who would say it was? No one.

But once a war is started, and the Middle East started this one, there are serious consequences. One of those consequences is the lack of a proper government and another is the suffering of the people of Irzq.

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