There are four. Four very human and very, very rich brothers who have no give-up in them. In the book: “Sons of Wichita” there is lots of information about their political activities but very little that answers the promise of the sub-title: “How the Koch brothers became America’s most powerful and private dynasty”.

The author Daniel Schulman seems to be neither for or against the brothers but he doesn’t explain much about how they became so rich or so powerful. You need to figure that out for yourself because Schulman has almost no information on how they did it. Rather he explains what they did, not why or how they did it.

The Coke brothers have loads of money. That’s both why and how they are so powerful. They buy things. People sell things to them. Money lets that happen. They started Tea Parties but they weren’t alone. Many other rich people donated millions to get that motor going. Many people joined the Tea Party movement but not because they wanted to get paid. They joined because the government became too menacing. They stayed and worked against the Democrats, against the Liberals, the progressives and yes, the Marxists too who had burrowed into the American government. The Tea Party people detest the ideas and the ideals of President Obama who is a lightening rod for Americans who resent the constant encroachment of government into their lives. The Koch’s resent it even more because government has invaded business. In addition to the personal animosity of each Tea Party type, the business people have an additional reason to push back. They are regulated, taxed and throttled more than the individual. they pay real estate taxes on their homes and again on their business even though they are only one individual. Being a business person means pay the same taxes twice.

The Left detests business. Rolling Stone magazine, for example, as well as Lefties like Rachael Maddow who foam at the mouth against Conservatives, Libertarians and the American Right Wing provide vivid examples of the severe anti-freedom bias of the Left. The Koch’s are working against the Left.

Groups like American’s for Prosperity, Freedom Works and the Tea Party Patriots are mentioned in Schulman’s book because the Koch’s have tried to help many of those types and groups to try to roll back the Socialism of America. they lost twice against President Obama. The Koch’s want what every person should want. Freedom.

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