America went deeper into Socialism than the Right-Wing think tanks realized. Despite being outclassed in the media war, Romney raised scads of money to no avail. Losing an election is final. One side loses everything.

Romney had formidable people supporting him as well as the American Ideas of Individual freedom, Liberty, (the sum of all freedom’s), money and charm. He lacked the support of Socialism. Romney was a middling socialist, Obama was far bigger. Romney was an American, Obama wasn’t; still isn’t; never will be.

The values of Socialism have been injected into America for over 100 years. Winning a political campaign based on opposite values didn’t work twice. Freedom sounds good but not to work-a-day people. When a man labors 16 hours a day to keep food and a roof over his head and to feed, clothe and provide a good enough life for his family,. he doesn’t respond well to the ideals of the founding fathers of America. He doesn’t see much point in voting when the promises are broken and he feels deceived and sold out by the politicians.

Voting is for those who believe they will get more by voting than staying home. Socialism promises more. Capitalism promises nothing. People won’t vote for nothing. They want the chicken promised for every pot. After the election when the promises are broken, they go back to the mundane world. Next election they vote again and the cycle repeats.

America is Socialist in it’s core belief’s. No one seems to admit that but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. People want free cell phones. Obama delivered them. People want their union to work for them. Unions say they do that. People believe they will get free stuff from the Socialists. People like to stick together. Socialism is based on that. (Communism). People vote for more free stuff. Works just about every time. People want a bargain. Politicians tell them how to vote. They go along.

People are gullible. Politicians know that and those who pander to the voters, most of whom are easily deceived. the Democrats were better at deceit in 2008 and 2012.

If Tom Wolf wins in November it will prove it. .

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