Want some truth? You will not get it at the United Nations. The building is full of liars, – but in an exceptional display of extremely coherent truth, Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN what’s up in and around Israel. His speech in the teeth of the enemy explains the darkness coming from the Enemies of the West. HERE.

Sadly, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power works against Israel as does the U.S. Department of State including John Kerry and Jen Psaki. These are dark days for Israel. President Obama is clearly playing for the opposition. While there is no overt denunciation of Israel by Obama, he forced Netanyahu to leave by the back door after his first visit to the White House. Obama supports the rioters in Ferguson more, …unfortunately much more than he supports Israel.

Obama should know better how to treat a minority culture. He’s a member of one, by his own choice. A bi-racial man who disowned his whiteness and tries to up his blackness which only raises his confused view of everything thru his race colored glasses, .. so to speak.

Samantha Power was almost comatose during Netanyahu’s speech. After the speech spokeswoman Psaki was a study in Liars Poker techniques when questioned by a reporter about Netanyahu’s speech. Netanyahu has more courage and less duplicity that the currant State Department, starting with the very confused “identity crisis in progress” John Kerry who replaced Hillary because he’s perfectly at home lying like her. How could Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Power and Psaki get so much so wrong? Unfortunately it isn’t how they do it, it’s what they do that’s the problem.

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