The immigrants who illegally entered America must either be returned or ignored by the Federal Government. There’s no third way. Amnesty? That’s wrong. Illegal behavior can be ignored but it shouldn’t be rewarded by forgiveness.

Most likely the illegals will continue to be ignored until after the November 4th election. The President will announce some kind of amnesty after the election. The Senate cannot over ride Obama even if it changes to majority Republican because it requires 2/3rds of both the Senate and the house to over ride a veto. That’s 66 Senate votes and 288 House votes. No one is predicting such a lop-sided victory for Republicans. the current prediction is for a wave of Republicans to win 52 Senate seats and 244 House seats. that’s well short of the veto proof majority needed to stop Obama.
But Obama will use Executive Orders to provide some kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Most likely he will order INS to stop deporting illegals. That’s illegal behavior by the President but who will stop him?

The Republicans won’t stop Obama’s illegal amnesty for several reasons. One, they can’t control INS so they cannot order INS to ignore Obama’s orders. Two, the Republicans don’t need to do anything to stop Obama because it helps Republicans if Obama acts against the Constitution. His un-constitutional behavior is more useful politically to Republicans than stopping the illegals. Third, they are here and they are not going back.

Regardless of what happens, the Illegal Immigrants will stay. The immigration problem is solved because no one will deport the illegals.

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