Is he crazy? No, but, …. President Obama needs to see someone to figure out why he’s been acting the way he has. Contrary to his beginning in the Presidency, he’s really screwed things up. We need to know if it’s because of his psyche or his true agenda.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a smart, educated man. We can take credit for that because we paid for his great education. He didn’t have the money or the clout to get into Harvard Law on his own but having paid for him with affirmative action doesn’t give us the power to tell him what to do. We get that power from our Rights as American citizens.

So he needs analysis by some medical professionals because we’re entitled to answers about why he’s been so consistently wrong. He needs to stop doing things the way he’s been doing them and start being a President for all Americans, not just for black people. On the other hand, if that’s his agenda we need to know so we can tell him how to correct it.

There are other possibilities. He may have been sent in the wrong direction by his professors. We need to find out who they were so we can correct them too. Medical help may be needed along with some drugs to get them on the right path. America is too exceptional to stand by and let it be ruined by some wrong-headed professors like Bill Ayres, his wife, Ward Churchill and those who taught President Obama at Columbia and Harvard.

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