The defense of Israel can, should, must follow the values in the American Declaration of Independence that summarized the offenses of the King and listed the solutions. Israel has the natural right of self-defense. That right is more than sufficient to invade and conquer once again Gaza. No apology is needed for hitting back. The restraint shown by Israel since 1948 should be a constant, running justification for all of the efforts Israel needs to survive.

Of course there are more issues than the simple one of self-defense. It is not enough to be right. One must be perceived as being right. Anti-Semitism is worse than wrong. It is condemnation because of virtue but that knowledge alone will not help Israel survive. Israel needs to thrive because of the nature of Israel and the parallels with individual freedom. Israel needs to assert the identical values that were in existence when America was founded.

Israel has the need to protect itself. The rest of the world should be embarrassed for constantly supporting the wrong side. Even worse they stand by and don’t help Israel. There are a few exceptions but overall the world looks the other way when rockets are being shot into Israel; tunnels are built; Israeli’s are kidnapped and Iran is going nuclear.

Like America, Russia and China, Israel is among the nations of the world and it is a well-accepted fact that every nation has the natural right of self defense even in the face of U.N. Condemnation of that right when it comes to Israel. Where are America, Russia and China in helping Israel against the Terrorists? If those three nations would join together and step into the war against terror every person on the planet would be well served.

The anti-Semites need to apologize. The world needs to judge them and condemn their behavior.

This is not meant to tell Israel how to proceed but it is meant to provide the moral basis and to justify more strength for Israel. The world should support good nations. It should actively protect Israel and take the battle to the terrorists on behalf of all who are good and right. Anything less or anything else is evil.

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