She’s an actress so her actions must be judged first as a person who plays a role. Paltrow is also a woman who has considerable achievements to her credit so her judgments must take all that into account. Her Political Judgment is very wrong.

Hollywood is Halloween everyday. It’s a place where people are permanently on display, not a town where the important people are the politicians. When those worlds get together the purpose is money, not truth.

Gwyneth didn’t disappoint. She displayed her acting talent and sold herself so to speak to the crowd for the benefit of the President. It was a good performance but only a performance. Here.

Obama’s ideas and actions are a mixed bag but he’s a big fan of big government. Hos books show the depth of his racial bias. Unfortunately his political judgment is way off. Democrat candidates are running away from him which is most likely why he’s fundraising instead of helping Democrats in their campaigns. they don’t want his so he has time to be with the entertainers like Paltrow.

He should be concerned with the world that’s on fire but he’s out chasing bucks from the delusioned or the delusional. He could be dividing and implementing ideas that would help the people instead og entertaining them.

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