Lets analyze and comment on a recent hit piece against Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Here’s the first paragraph written: “by Chuck Thompson, Community Blogger
“There is little doubt in my mind that Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick is nothing but a rubber stamp for any policies that will advance the agenda of the Koch brothers, their ultra-rich friends and associates and, of course, the tea party, the radical group that helped him get back in Congress four years ago and has been his guiding light ever since.

What are the policies that Fitzpatrick supposedly rubber stamps? None, although after this opening Thompson gives several examples of some of the work the Congressman did or didn’t do. What is the “agenda of the Koch Brothers?” Thompson has no information. How can he know Fitzpatrick rubber stamped their agenda when he has no information on it? He cannot, of course but Thompson isn’t interested in teaching us anything. He simply wants to attack Fitzpatrick. Too bad because he could give us some info about the challenger so we could judge for ourselves who is the better choice.
Thompson sure has a long list of things Fitzpatrick’s done. That’s great for Fitzpatrick because he’s not someone just sitting around. Fitzpatrick is out there doing things. Good for Fitzpatrick but not for Thompson’s credibility.
What is that, specifically? No help from Thompson. Here are three things the Tea Party supports: 1. Smaller Government. 2. Lower Taxes. 3. Less Spending. Thompson is a big government, big spender type. Good thing for America he’s not in Congress and it’s also a good thing that Congressman Fitzpatrick is.
Thompson thinks people who want smaller government are radicals. But smaller government started with the Constitution and the writers were real radicals. The Tea Party helped et Fitzpatrick elected. So did a lot of Democrats and Republicans who outnumber the Tea Party in Bucks County about a thousand to one. Are they radicals too? No, just more people who like the Congressman want smaller government.

Lets cut to the chase here. Thompson sort of shoots himself in the foot with this comment. “And, of course, Fitzpatrick got a zero percent rating from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. How any woman – or the parent of any female child, for that matter – could vote for this man is beyond me. Fitzpatrick is on the wrong side of every issue regarding women’s reproductive health.”.

That’s complete rubbish and Thompson knows it. Every woman choses when to begin and when to stop breeding. Sooner or later, every woman who decides to stop breeding is therefore against pregnancy for herself from that moment on every mother is pro-choice. If a pregnant woman decides to carry a fetus to full term or to abort she is choosing and no one, including Fitzpatrick has never stood against her choice to deliver.

There comes a time for every woman to stop breeding. No one stands in the way of a woman’s decision to stop becoming pregnant. Neither does Fitzpatrick. His position on abortion is just like millions of women who decide to stop getting pregnant. On the narrow issue of whether or not a woman wants to stop a pregnancy, the issue of abortion which is supported by many people even though there is disagreement about late term abortion or abortion when the life of a woman is in danger, but to suggest that a position for or against abortion means Fitzpatrick is against women is absurd on it’s face. Here’s why.
The Congressman is married. He has loads of conversation and advice from his wife about abortion. The Congressman has daughters and like any father he’s a radical when it comes to protecting choice for each of his daughters. He will always be there to support his daughters. Count on it. He’s as pro-woman as a man can get. All of his daughters and his wife prove it. For Thompson or anyone else to deny that reveals an intellectual shallowness. Their opinions must be judged on their merits and Thompson’s come up short.

Finally, here’s a comment from the head of the Bucks Tea Party, Rob Boyson: “Mike has to represent all of us, whether we are liberal, conservative or somewhere in the middle. Mike does a good job of taking into consideration all of the issues that face all of us here in the 8th, and that’s why he’s been elected to 3 terms as our Congressman and will certainly be elected for a 4th term come November 4.”

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