Obama reported some things about America at a NYC fundraiser today, a place he was not elected to attend and proved he’s a reporter, not a leader. Nothing in his speech was new. Full of platitudes American Citizens already know and can recite. The supposed leader of the free world was telling people what they already knew. How pathetic of him.

Why can’t Obama lead? Shooting some bombs at ISIS while they continue to conquer more of Iraq shows whatever Obama is doing is either wrong or not enough of what needs to be done. Most sentient beings could do the identical things Obama has been doing. He’s supposed to be leading but the Democrats don’t want him to help get Democrats elected.

Originally trumpeted as a post-racial and transformational leader he has been reduced to a caricature: an isolated political figure now considered a liability to Democrats. Even a President as poor as Jimmy Carter wasn’t that out of touch and politically irrelevant. Perhaps he’ll wake up and get going but for now politicians consider him radioactive.

Who’s to blame for this clunker President? Should the President have known he wasn’t up to being a leader? What about the sycophants like Valerie Jarret, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod who pushed him into water too deep? How about the fawning media including people like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews who greased the skids so Obama couldn’t get off this amusement ride of a Presidency that’s not at all amusing? How about this tone deaf orator who should have learned at Columbia and Harvard that his place wasn’t steering the ship of state? Why didn’t he learn who and what he was before he stuck it to everyone by being elected to do what he couldn’t do?

President Obama is in deep water and he’s unable to get out. We’re all the worse for causing him. The last two years of his Presidency are going to be awful.

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