At the confluence of philosophy and government comes Liberty. The discovery of personal freedom hasn’t fully happened although America is the best example of the idea. Government exists to protect the individual from government. This is a rather new idea to philosophy. It’s far beyond the keen of Religion, big “R”.

All religions are impervious to reason. Why? Because the common element in all religions is a set of Supernatural beliefs. Faith, another component closely associated with religion is, as Martin Luther said is the deadly enemy of Reason.

The re-appearance of religion in American politics is an attempt to wrest control of the country from the Left. But neither pole is helpful because both seek to control the individual, the Left in the name of the community al a Marx and the Right in the name of Morality, meaning, for the Right, Christianity.

Arguendo, is there a different philosophy that will succeed where the Left and Right have failed? Yes. It’s not either Marx or Religion. Nor is it some cobbled set of morality that combines elements of the Left and right. Both are wrong compared to the Constitutional outline.

There are far too many bastard philosophies from Plato’s Elitism to Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kant, Descartes, and even more religions from which to pick or to mix and match. Is there one correct philosophy?

Start with Existence. On to Identity and continue with Consciousness. Primitive philosophy sought answers to the great questions. Unable to use science to understand the universe, philosophy went out of the world into the Supernatural, into Mysticism and invented Religion to have some answers. Religions have been refining the answers for millennia without success because the basis of a knowable universe stops them. The Supernatural conflicts with everything we know.

A full return and re-write is needed to ground human existence in reality. Out with the supernatural; in with the real universe. Reason as the guiding light to analyze and solve human problems based on the definition of a person. These are universal truth’s, discovered and followed since the founding of America. Anything different or anything else isn’t part of the real world.

“After Religion” is premature. “Before religion” must come the universe as it exists. There’s nothing else.

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