8 September, 1944, three months after America and Britain invaded Europe, Germany began to shoot unstoppable V-2 rocket propelled missiles into Paris, London and Belgium. Dresden was bombed in February, 1945, Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945 and Nagasaki on the 9th. These are tragedies on the biggest scale imaginable. The Rules of War were re-written again and again in 1944 and 1945. The morality of war is still unsettled.

The 20th century saw more people killed during wars than any other period in human history. The death toll from Communism in the 20th century is over 100 million. The death toll from the current religion motivated war is still increasing. There’s no formula to stop a war. The United Nations was created to stop wars but it’s spectacularly ineffective.

Unfortunately, some people love war. When they engage an enemy to kill them, self-defense supports deadly retaliation. Like London, Dresden and Hiroshima prove, this war will also end. How or when? How many will die?

These are questions for the leaders of the cultures, religions and nations. So far, none have answers. Is war moral? Yes, No and of course not if morality is the set of rules that must be followed. No moral code would support the use of force to settle human issues. No moral code would oppose killing those who resort to force against others, but some people will continue to kill until they are killed. Hiroshima was necessary. Was it too severe?

Japan surrendered six days after Nagasaki. Jihad against Israel and America continues. Such madness.

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