President Obama continues to divide and conquer America for the Left Wing by dividing America and separating people into different races, cultures, languages and Marxist parts. His special animus against America; against assimilation; against the Founding Principles of self-responsibility and in favor of avoiding responsibility and his Marx-based taking money from one group then giving it to another group. He has different messages for the Black Caucus, The Hispanic Caucus, the group U.S.-African leaders in America, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the LGBT community and for various tax-taker groups which was taught to him by his American Hating Parents, Preachers, Teachers and Bombers. [1] His mother ran out of America to Kenya, to Mombasa;; and Indonesia where she taught her little half-blood prince to lie, cheat, mislead and organize small groups to support her Left Wing agenda. His birth father hared and vigorously fought against England. That’s where Obama’s hatred of The West began. Obama’s fundamentals propel him to divide people so they would join against America, a culture he doesn’t grasp.

Chicano Hispanic activist and decades-long north Denver resident Ricardo Martinez walked precincts for Obama in 2008, but at the dawn of another presidential election cycle, he said he is tired of “empty promises.”

“When the elections come around, they always come courting us, and this is proving to be no different,” said Martinez, who co-founded the nonprofit advocacy group Padres Unidos.

President Obama’s “Divide and Win An Election” strategy is the opposite of “E Pluribus Unum” the struggle to unite all cultures, languages and races into one American culture. But partial President Obama doesn’t respect all Americans. He seperates Americans into voting blocks, Chicano’s, Blacks, gays etc. then uses deception to get each little group to vote for more Marxism, food stamps, dependency and bigger more powerful Obama government so he can increase gas prices, chisel Social Security for Seniors and open the borders to al Quida and Ebola. Obama is worse than Putin, Castro and Iran combined because he hides his anti-Americanism all the time.

* Americans speak a delightful hodgepodge of differently accented types of words which draw on all cultures. In New Orleans there’s a linguistic sub-group called “Yats” because they greet each other by saying “Where y’at?” Americans are joined together by an expanded, unique and lovable blend of words but at rock bottom we love our Pluribus and our Unum.
** Quoting from Jesse Sheidlower in Slate about the English spoken in New Orleans: “The Yats have a strong Irish heritage, and several features of their speech recall stereotypical Brooklynese—”dese,” “dem,” “doze” for “these,” “them,” “those”; “berl,” “earl,” and “ersters” for “boil,” “oil,” and “oysters”; and “mudder” for “mother.”

“Uptown whites, and blacks, use different pronunciations. Some of these are characteristically Southern, such as the diphthongization of vowels in all and task (sounding something like “owl” and “tyask,” respectively). But in other cases, New Orleans English does not reflect usual Southern forms—it retains the “i” diphthong in words like hide and my (usually pronounced “hahd” and “mah” in the South), and maintains a distinction between the vowels in pen and pin or ten and tin (usually pronounced like the second item in each pair). There are also a number of unusual pronunciations with unclear origins, including the first-syllable stress on adult, cement, insurance, and umbrella, and the fact that when you rinse your hands, you “wrench” them in the “zink.””

Finally, Sheidlower remarked about professor William Lubov whose lecture after winning the 2009 Haskins Prize included his comment that he started his studies of the different way people speak because of his love of words and somehow that changed into a love of humanity. (HERE). Ditto, professor about my personal journey in politics which also, somehow, became a love of humanity. Lest you conclude we developed some kind on Pollyanna view of people, realize we came to an identical conclusion that Ayn Rand came to. She put it into words in John Galt’s speech to the world in “Atlas Shrugged”. John Galt is the main character who did the opposite of President Obama. Galt really did love humanity while Obama doesn’t. Galt is motivated by love but not Obama. Maybe Obama will evolve to realize the futility of working against certain groups while working for others. America was founded as a culture based on personal Liberty. Somehow it became an exceptional place. Somehow America is the best place for anyone. Obama needs to realize that and stop his divisiveness. It’s unbecoming to Americans.

[1] Kenyan father, Marxist mother, grandmother and grandfather, Rev. “God Damn America” Wright, Saul Alinsky, madras teachers in Indonesia and Left-Wing, violent Bomber Bill Ayres in whose living room Obama entered Politics.

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