Let’s look at the causes of War and the Causes of Peace. In terms of fundamentals, war and peace are caused by the moral values of a culture and the beliefs based on those moral elements.

According to Craig Biddle writing in the Objectivist Standard, (HERE), the fundamental causes of war are: Statism; Collectivism; Altruism; Mysticism; and Evasion. SCAME. The causes of peace are: Capitalism; Individualism; Egoism; Rationality; and Honesty. CIERH. So far so good. Those are the fundamentals and when one or the other set of those fundamentals are accepted in a culture either War or Peace can happen.

But wars are caused by deadly force used by leaders to subjugate other groups. The Biddle SCAME causes will exist and if a culture has sufficient Force to impose their wrong ideas on another culture they will do it.

Unfortunately Capitalism doesn’t cause peace. Peace is either caused by Subjugation or Victory. A culture where Capitalism, Individualism, Egoism, Rationality and Honesty, CIERH, are the dominant beliefs will not want to go to war but if that culture is attacked by a culture with different values, the SCAME attacked culture must decide to use force to defend itself or to use overwhelming force to overcome the attackers. What caused the war? A CIERH culture had to decide to go to war against the initiator of war, to protect itself and to overcome the subjugation the attackers want to impose on them.

That’s why Iran must not get a nuclear weapon. Iran is a SCAME culture. When they acquire sufficient Force, they will go to war against Israel and America.

So the ways to stop wars are to either convert the SCAME attackers or destroy them. That requires overwhelming force. It also requires a will to fight which President Obama does not have.

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