The existence of the V2 Rocket developed by NAZI scientists was kept from the citizens in London while 1,000 of the rocket propelled missiles exploded in the streets of London, killing thousands. Another 1,400 V2’s were shot at Belgium but the government kept the super weapon secret from the people. The governments did it because they didn’t want to risk a panic.

Fast foreword to Dallas where the first Ebola patient was sent home without being quarantined. “You’re Safe” says the government despite the existence of Ebola which is 50% fatal. “Don’t worry” the government tells us “it’s difficult for the virus to spread”. What! There’s a million cases in Africa. It spreads like a flu virus. “You Are Safe”. Who are they kidding? Paraphrasing Groucho: “Who are you going believe government or your lying eyes?

Governments are notorious for keeping information secret. Edward Snowden is the subject of a worldwide manhunt by the U.S. Government because he revealed the secret spying on innocent Americans by Homeland Security.

The CDC is a somewhat typical bunch of government bureaucrats with their CYA culture instead of putting the safety of the people first. The CDC failed to quarantine a patient with Ebola, a deadly contagious disease, then they released him, then they lied about their mistakes. That’s three strikes against the CDC.

I’m buying a Hazmat Suit.

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