“Scott Wagner is a Senator in Harrisburg who wrote about the reason it’s so hard to get some things passed is because the Senate Majority Leader, Dominic Pileggi, received $175,000 for his campaign from a union, the IBEW. Wagner also determined the IBEW contributed the following amounts to the following Republican Senators: Rafferty; $50,000, Tomlinson;$50,000, Browne; $25,000, Greenleaf;$25,000, and McIllhiney; $25,000.

Here’s the problem. How is the contribution connected to the passage of laws? No info. Sure, a Quid-Pro-Quo was probably negotiated but what was given? No info.

Here’s another problem. Suppose the Governor wants to support the State Store System but the five Senators want to kill it. The Majority Leader can bottle the bill up and prevent it from being voted on. That’s only one guy, Pileggi. The other five Senators can’t do anything so was the IBEW’s money wasted? Or maybe the bill was held up because of some other reason. See the problem? Right. No connection. Lots of guessing. No evidence. Escaped without a trace.

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