Proof? Is Russia bigger than when Bush was President? Yes. Who helped Putin help himself to the Crimea? That would be President Obama, the most un-American President who is un-American because of his parents, his grandparents, Frank Marshall Davis and because of his job getting taxpayer money for narrow racial groups. That would be African-Americans in Chicago where he followed the Shakedown tactics discovered by Saul Alinsky and used by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, The Rainbow Coalition, Push, Louis Farrakhan and other race hustlers.

Jimmie Carter was the worst American President until President Obama came along. No other American President would have kept quiet when Putin grabbed the Crimea from Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine is being slow-walked into Russia by Putin with the approval of President Obama. the Eastern European NATO countries are jeopardized by the lack of leadership that should have been provided by America.

America is the worlds lone Superpower, stronger militarily, economically and morally than any other nation yet President Obama seeks approval from the rest of the world before acting in America’s interests. It’s unfortunate that Europe refuses to act with America and that can be laid on President Obama’s doorstep. They know he cannot be trusted to do the right things so they refused to back him up, even though they know he would back up Europe when Europe had to back up America.

Putin knows how to bamboozle Obama. That’s how he was able to finagle the Crimea away from Ukraine without any serious objection from America.

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