There’s danger in numbers as well as safety. Several million people are protesting the Peking Government’s heavy handed election control in Hong Kong. The British, quite by accident, showed the Hong Kong Chinese what freedom is all about and the Hong Kong people took the bait. China imposed their totalitarian rule once the British left but too many Hong Kong people embraced freedom in their hearts. They want it back.

Hong Kong is a spotlight city for China and they cannot lose it again. Their dilemma is the taste of freedom left by the British. China has poured money into making Hong Kong even more spectacular that nature did. Look at how modern Hong Kong is in the video taken by a drone flying over some of the peaceful protestors. Click on Hong Kong and see for yourself how powerful the pull of freedom is. Too bad the Middle East rejects it.

Where is President Obama? Why doesn’t he at least speak up in support of the people of Hong Kong?

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