He’s really screwed up the globe with his attempts to stop America’s dominance in International Affairs helped every step of the way by American Liberals in the Universities, the Media and of course the authors, their books, their publishing houses, the movies and the stage plays.

Obama’s mission is the captain of the ship called: “The Liberal War Against America”. The Liberals were upstaged by 9/11 and President Bush’s response that had the unfortunate effect, for the Liberals, of improving Democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Muslim protestors in London and Paris with their “Freedom Go To Hell” signs are merely the mouthpieces of The American Left, these so called Progressive descendants of Marx who know more freedom kills the Islamic State. They know instinctively they must degrade the basis of exceptional America, Jefferson’s America. White America. European America, the America based on Personal Liberty that’s their enemy. How simple is that to figure out?

The Muslims read the Tea Leaves of the Liberals who detest America precisely because of America’s Position, “High On A Hill” of morality. That’s why President Obama symbolically had to bow on his apology tour. He was signaling he respects all other cultures, not America. He was taught that by his mother who rejected her American and her white heritage and kept telling “Barry” how wonderful his Kenyan father was. Obama wrote about that poor, unfortunate, tragic man in “Dreams Of My Father”. He absorbed those powerful but wrong ideas and the Free World is paying for the dysfunction of his parents, his maternal grandparents, Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend’s: Wright, Jackson and Sharpton, Bill Ayres, Saul Alinsky and the American Left which expanded and amplified those values during his university days. An anti-American fifth columnist was born, nurtured and like the Manchurian Candidate is running the most advanced and single Super Power as President and his heart is really in it.

President Obama wrongly treats America as an Oppressive Nation but he is the first ever oppressive President intent on revenge for the oppression he and his ancestors imagine. He channels his late father’s dreams to cut the West, including especially America. down to size. Viewed from that vantage point his lack of passion for things American makes sense, He’s a very smart, cunning but muddle-minded about America man. The first thing Obama needs to do to defeat the Islamic State is to change his own mind about America. Then he needs to start promoting freedom, free and fair elections, the rule of law; -the things that were in America before he became President but which he’s been busy trying to degrade and diminish. the good news is it will take more than President Obama to defeat America but even he can defeat The Islamic State.

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