Charles Krauthammer’s current book: “Things That Matter” contains a brilliant essay he wrote in 1990. It’s worth the price of the book. Called “The Unipolar Moment” and written nineteen years before President Obama began to destroy America, it outlines the Global Political reality which has gotten worse because of President Obama.
Russia has strengthened relative to Europe and America. Syria, Iran and Putin, to mix labels, are running geo-politics. Hillary, Kerry and Obama are outclassed bit-players compared to the Russian Giant. Recall Obama backing down over his “Red Line” in Syria. Putin did that to him.
Men have differing levels of courage but obsequiousness as demonstrated by President Obama’s bows to authorities which he considers higher than him, embarrassed America and the Free World. History proved Obama’s awe of the third world’s values, respect for which he learned in grade school.

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