The Puritan Settlers of 1620 who landed at Plymouth Rock, a large unoccupied area, were farmers from Europe. The so called Native Americans weren’t Americans at all. The natives around Plymouth Rock for example didn’t have metal. They didn’t have bronze, iron or steel like the Puritans in Plymouth or the settlers in Jamestown did in 1607. The natives around the Plymouth colony had to farm with wooden sticks and the bones of animals while the settlers from Europe had steel shovels and axes. They were from Europe where many written languages were used for thousands of years. Europeans had wheels, pens and ink, books, printing presses, ships, woven cloth, indoor plumbing and of course gunpowder.

So far as Thanksgiving, which culture was more advanced? We know the natives in North America had to use stone axes and sharp shells to farm and also to take the scalps of their enemies as war prizes.

“Indian Summer” was named because the natives only fought in warm weather so when the weather turned unseasonably warm in November, they attacked so the settlers called it Indian Summer.

Are we to believe the Puritans forgot their seeds? – that they didn’t know they would need food when they finally decamped the “Mayflower”? What kind of dolts are we supposed to think the Puritans were? That they were smart enough to come across the ocean in a large boat using a compass and clocks but didn’t know how to farm? That the Indians were smart farmers; That the Puritans were dopey and the Indians had to save them? Were the Puritans so dumb they couldn’t feed themselves? Come on.

How far does the Thanksgiving myth have to go to serve the America Hating Politically Correct Progressives who keep pushing the Indians as A Superior Civilization when they didn’t even discover the alphabet or the wheel? The truth is the Indians were simply overwhelmed by a vastly superior civilization. Sure, there were problems in both cultures but keep things in perspective about the aboriginal population that greeted the Virginia Colony and The Puritans.

Or you can continue to believe left wing history and The Thanksgiving Myth.

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