President Obama caused ISIS as sure as if he actually organized the members of ISIS. Obama’s missing policies, his utter lack of a coherent policy against terrorists and terrorism caused the rise of ISIS into the vacuum created when Obama lost Iraq. Iraq was won. It had become a voting country. Not a perfect Democracy; no political parties who stood for different positions on national issues but remember the purple thumbs after President Bush cleared out enough of the opponents of voting that actual voting happened. Obama blew that, big time. We know what happened. ISIS appeared, requited about 20,000 males who conquered about a third of Iraq including the oil fields and wht did Obama do? Nothing. Why?

Obama spoke to the U.N. on Sept 24, 2014 and told of us what his vision of Iraq was. “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. So the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.” What did he promise? “to Dismantle This Network of Death” What does that mean? Will he capture the Islamic State and put them on trial somewhere? No. Will he kill the terrorists? No again. He didn’t promise to eliminate the people who are engaged in the network of death. He just promised to dismantle it. Will that be complete when he confiscates their cell phones? When they go home to their families? Will he be happy if they sign promises to stop hurting people?

Obama promised nothing. He sent a few bombers and cruise missiles into Syria. Notice how silent things are. No reports of any members of the Islamic State killed except for a few people he claimed were leaders. the problem with killing the leaders like bin Laden is: there are plenty of leaders waiting to lead the Islamic State. And is the bombing over? Yes it is, at least for now but even if it isn’t what exactly is it doing.

Obama is not a warrior for America. He certainly isn’t someone the free world trusts after witnessing his almost pathological lies about the video that caused the Benghazi murders. there was no video. His lies about the “Shovel Ready Jobs”, “The secure Border”, that he would cut the deficit in half before he increased it more then all the other presidents combined. How about his calling the Fort Hood Massacre “Workplace violence when it was a terrorist attack that killed 15 Americans. How about: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” they we found out we couldn’t. Same for “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”. How about: Obamacare will: “Lower Your Health Care Premiums By $2,500” when it raised them instead. How about “You Didn’t Build That”?

ISIS saw Obama was a paper tiger who would do nothing in Syria like he did nothing to protect The Crimea from Putin. So ISIS invaded Iraq, conquered it and is selling it’s oil because President Obama will not stoop to conquer them. He won’t even seriously try. The Islamic State is safe until a new President comes along who is willing to stop them. Obama isn’t.

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