Imagine watching a crash in slow motion. That’s what President Obama’s been showing the world for the last six years. Eric Holder was watching. He knew how unscrupulous this President has been . Holder wisely decided to jump ship before the final explosion of the most corrupt President. Holder knew. He saw the end of the crash coming. Holder was the most corrupt Attorney General ever. Congress voted to impeach him. The First Attorney General in history to be impeached.

President Obama, like Bill Clinton during Monica-gate, dropped a few bombs to distract the world from his thoroughly rotten second term. The majority of American’s detest Obamacare. He witheld Social Security raises from seniors not once but twice. Eric Holder could no longer protect Obama so he resigned. Obama should follow him into retirement.

America has been getting safer, at least from this unscrupulous man as his deep-seated personal demons kept rising into sight. His mis-handling of the Ferguson issue showed his racist side. His books showed it even more. The President foolishly believes he’s not black enough. Eric Holder is smart. He quit. Obama should follow Holders wise lead and leave office. American’s will be better served by the Vice President, despite his massive inability to succeed. He’s been in over his head for six years. Obama didn’t take his advice but both of them have been wrong on so many issues. There are lists of them on the internet but Joe Biden isn’t as bad for America as Obama and Holder have been. Time for Biden to step up and for Obama to stop down. He’s stepped in it too many times.

Say Goodnight Gracie.

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