Is Obama’s war over so soon? Who the heck knows? He seemingly has no plan for victory. He’s bombing places but why? He has no objective.

We’re with him about the bombs. But why bomb stuff in Syria when ISIS is in Iraq? How about Obama bombs every U.S. tank in Iraq that’s not in the hands of the Iraq military? That’s makes sense. So far Obama hasn’t made any sense except he told the UN about Ferguson MO where one man was killed. What about all the people ISIS has killed?

ISIS is beheading people at a great rate so it makes sense to eliminate ISIS but Obama never said that’s what he want’s to do. Why not? What’s wrong with this guy? What’s wrong with the U.N.? How come so many leaders can’t seem to lead in Iraq? Has the U.N. gone goofy? Isn’t there one person in the U.N. who can figure out what to do and to get it done? Planning for victory should be the idea behind all of the bombing but so far Obama hasn’t announced what victory is. How about Victory is capturing or killing everyone in ISIS? Their photo’s are all over social media so go and get them.

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