Judged to be the most unpopular Attorney General, Eric Holder had a tin ear for handling racial issues. His controversial and questionable judgment in the Fast and Furious Gun Walking issue cost American lives. His complete insensitivity to people who were not black in his handling of the Ferguson Mo. incident was so biased it embarrassed people of his own race. He was driven by race during his six years in office beginning with his release of the Black Panthers involved with voter intimidation and continued to talk about his unjust treatment by police when he was younger two days before it was announced he was leaving. Good riddance.

America can heal the racial divide but it will take more work on behalf of black people who continue to resist assimilation into a color blind culture. White people prove everyday they can live with black people because just about every TV ad and Hollywood movie purposely makes sure blacks are over-represented on the screens of America. That’s not enough for the race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and even President Obama who suffers from not being black enough. People of all races need an attorney general who is comfortable with his own race and who is race blind. Eric Holder made sure he wasn’t that man.

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