Every human starts out sort of equal. Each individual is unique but the lowest way to categorize people is on the basis of skin color. Over that they have no control. Everyone has a racial background. President Obama is a member of both the black and the write race.

DNA is mutated then inherited but its not only who their parents are. DNA has lots to do with the females grandparents because mitochondrial DNA, (MDNA) is passed on intact according to “Genome”.
Each fertilization mutates the inherited DNA but because the female is born with every one of her reproductive eggs, it would seem most of her DNA is passed on intact except for the combination of her inherited DNA with the father’s DNA. If that sounds complicated its because it is. The combinations are staggeringly high.

President Obama is an example of the recombining nature of DNA and MDNA. His children contain more “black genes” than he does and his psychosis about being black enough will be less concern in his children. Michelle Robinson is darker than Barack. His psychology controlled his mate selection.
But neither of his children had any choice in their race, just as he didn’t. Judging them or anyone on their skin color is meaningless. It wasn’t their choice but everyone has a choice about how to judge people. It’s often impossible to know the racial ancestry of an individual so we must judge people based on the characteristics they present to us. Skin color is not chosen so it’s difficult to know how to use skin color to judge a person’s personality which is largely under their control.

Skin color is obvious and it affects judgment. Denying skin color however is impossible. The Washington Redskin players didn’t select their name anymore than the redskins did. Ignoring race is as silly as making it the most important characteristic of someone. There is after all, a race of people with red skin.

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