His mother taught that to him. She was very wise to do it because Barack was not going to pass for white. She knew that it’s either/or when it comes to race but she could not have realized that choosing his black race would lead to him condemning his whiteness. A decision of that consequentiality can cause psychological damage and it is evident that it has.

Obama chose then became aware his whiteness would be a disadvantage. He considered he wasn’t black enough and of course he isn’t. He then applied the standard but wrong idea that his black insufficiency was caused by his mother’s race. Of course that’s the case but Obama had made choices about his own race since he became aware of it’s effects. His book: “Dreams From My Father” A story about race and inheritance. It’s primarily a story about race and little else.

Obama decided he’s not black enough so he’s constantly tried to become more black instead of realizing what a huge advantage his bi-racial DNA provided. Michelle is hostile because she’s too black. Barack is hostile because he’s not black enough.

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