For 50 years competent Americans have suffered thorough a system which glorifies incompetents who are accepted to college, graduate and professional schools, hired into high paying responsible jobs often beyond their skill set then undeservedly given huge government contracts due solely to their race, ethnicity or sex while more competent, more qualified people suffer egregious discrimination based solely on their race, ethnicity or sex and the President Of the United States has benefitted and supports such obviously evil programs. A hoax of this sort is worse than simple evil. It is wicked but the President supports it not only because both he and Michelle benefitted from it but because the Left believes it’s necessary to redress past injustices. Affirmative Action is worse than WWII because it forces innocent’s to suffer. At least war defeats incompetence. Affirmative Action glorifies incompetence while it condemns and punishes capability. It’s the horror of Harrison Bergeron.

So the present generation have had to pay for the sins of past generations. Not even Germany or Japan supports such kinds of evil. This is beyond the work of Satan. To punish the innocent on the basis of race and ethnicity is the way of the NAZI. That’s it’s been going on in America for 50 years has damaged the American Culture as well as the morality of the world. Affirmative Action is wicked. People who benefit from it have no excuse for being so immoral. Not only should people like Michelle and Barack Obama return at least the money, – they need to make amends.

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