It’s time for some truth. The Japanese citizens caused Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be bombed with nuclear bombs in 1945. If they had surrendered the bombs would not have been dropped. If they had not started the War against America Hiroshima would never have happened.
The Japanese should be most ashamed at themselves for the great evils they inflicted on millions of people before and during World War 2. The sneak attacks at Pearl Harbor began a war against the American people but instead of admitting and accepting the blame for their inhumanity towards innocent people they blame America for dropping the bombs as does the Liberal, Progressive, Democrat Left Wing of America. So does Richard Overy in his well documented book: The Bombers and the Bombed. What a disgraceful attitude towards his country of birth. In his defense he never actually “blames America” but the tone and tenor of his book makes it very plain that America is blamed for the civilian deaths because of the bombs even though the French did almost nothing to help defeat the Germans who occupied France.

But the French are joined by the American Left and the Japanese who continue to blame America for bombing japan and the German occupied Europe, just as the Israeli’s are blamed for attacking their attackers in Gaza.

The French were conquered, occupied and subjugated by the Germans but do they blame the Germans? No. They blame both the British and America for dropping the bombs while the high-nosed, lazy and cowardly French just waited to be rescued. The Japanese however cannot use that excuse. They continued to prepare for war in Japan even when it was clear Japan would be defeated.

America is blamed for the Conflagration of Dresden despite the fact that Germany started WWII by invading Western Europe. No invasion by Germany; no bombing of Dresden.

The guilt and shame of Japan, Germany and France should be recognized. the People could have made a difference. They could have done what the people of Chicago just did against a tyrannical American President. They refused to allow government to name a new school for President Obama. (HERE).

Of course people have very, very little power against government who chn use force to coerce them to do as government wants. But as the people of Chicago just showed, Sometimes only a little bit of power is needed.

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